Google for Business – G Suite

Google has without a doubt evolved from being just a web browser into a full blown suite of applications. Millions of individuals and companies use it everyday but few realise its full potential and capabilities. Our fully trained IT consultants are here to help you reap all of the benefits this suite of applications provides.

Our consultants have been working as a Google Partner, offering various clients tailor-made services that have taken their businesses to the next levels. Over the years, we have used our experience, knowledge, and experience in managing Google Business Products to help many clients with:

  • Setting up Google Business Products
  • Migrating Google for Business (G Suite)
  • Managing Google Business Products

This is how we make it all happen… We assess your current business circumstances and ensure that we fully understand your business goals and vision. This enables us to perform a proper analysis of your requirements to determine the best Google G Suite solutions that can be used meet your business needs in a cost effective manner.

If your business is currently using a POP email system, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange and you plan to migrate to Google G Suite, it is essential your migration is done by the services of professionals to not only ensure the migration is successful, but also done without loss of your existing data. Rest assured, you can rely on our impeccable services to set up your G Suite and migrate all your existing email data to Google. Whether for folders created with Outlook, Contacts, Calendars or any other software, our team will ensure that your G Suite email system is fully functional all through your project and help you manage your system efficiently.