Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

You may be wondering why backups are so very important to your business?

Please consider this…How would your business survive if an unexpected fire, flood or cyclone totally devastated your workplace? What would you do? Obviously you’d stress and freak out given how important your business is. Why stress at all when we are only a call away? Our dedicated team will get your business up and running as soon as possible thanks to our stedfast, reliable backups and well formulated Disaster Recovery Plan.

Our experienced staff can also provide you with a Business Contingency Plan that enables your business to function in times of trouble that are non related to any kind of natural disaster. We totally understand that your business is critical and we can implement a plan that minimises risks and downtime if any of your IT systems or software don’t perform as they should.


Data backups that fully support all of your Disaster Recovery and Business Contingency needs:

  • Several backup services that are timely managed and tailored to your needs
  • Regular monitoring of your data and systems to ensure that your data is well protected
  • An extra on-site local backup strategy in case of an emergency